Lawrence Osborne: ‘Sensuality drives everything in travel’

Novelist and traveller Lawrence Osborne on the art of seeing and writing

‘We musicians sit on the high horse of religiosity,’ says TM Krishna

Open conversation with TM Krishna, Carnatic vocalist and writer

Akhil Sharma: ‘I am an Immigrant’

Akhil Sharma takes his readers into the core of human experience

The Marathoner

Vikram Chandra finds solitude annoying when he writes, but admits to not being a collaborative enough person to work on movies. He writes 400 words every day, adamant that writing is about a steady pace, not a stroke of inspiration

The Accidental Genius

George Saunders, who suspects he won the MacArthur genius grant through an error, on his ability to write anywhere and the importance of doing the dishes

The Man of a Hundred Drafts

Ved Mehta on a life of writing

‘Writers these days write to be seen, not read’

For years, Anees Salim nursed his introversion and dealt with rejection by starting new novels. This year, four of them found publishers

The Asianist

Writing about South East Asia, Tash Aw explores the confusion of new personal and political freedoms, privileging emotional authenticity over exotic detail

The Carburettor

Rajesh Parameswaran talks about his reluctance to talk about his writing—and the lasting lessons of failing quickly with short stories


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