world politics

An Idea Under Siege

Edward Luce

The weakening of Western hegemony and the crisis of liberal democracy

Power and Pelf

Ten accidental globalists who were driven by the idea of conquest

Modi is Pretty Impressive, says Francis Fukuyama

One of the world's most influential public intellectuals discusses the state of the world with Open

Emmanuel Macron: March of the Seducer

At 39, he is France’s youngest ever president, and his election a relief for a world distressed by Trump and Brexit. But the real test for Emmanuel Macron comes next month as France elects a new parliament

Open Diary

Media as the BJP's only opposition, David Goodhart's new book and a visit to Pakistan

The Triumph and Tragedy of Obama

It was Obama's Lax Americana at play

The New New Deal

No empty threats from the United States of Trump

The Axis Tilt of Civilisation

May you not live in interesting times.But you are

Around the World in Weighty Days

There is much to worry about in the age of higher volatility and lesser leadership

Will Modi play the great game?

The last outpost of the Raj still survives in South Block


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