The Socialist Fetish

S Prasannarajan

Forget wealth with welfare. Wealth is welfare

The Equality Syndrome

And all those defunct economists and academic scribblers

Despite the Paradox

Don’t be fooled by the old German. Let’s celebrate wealth

The Originals

The smart-up generation in 10 portraits

Political Fortunes

The ideological colours of money

The Dharmic Economy

The road to sustainable markets

Wealth Issue 2016: Editor’s Note

The problem is not capitalism but the inadequacies of politics-as-usual to engage with capital

Flight to Capital

Being rich in India in the age of Thomas Piketty

The Wealth Issue: Editor’s Note

The so-called crisis in capitalism is not solved by applied dogma, but by ethics—call it compassionate capitalism or whatever

How We Valued Value

Wealth is a neglected domain in our scriptures because they were written by brahmins and that is also why artha is intertwined with dharma


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