Zanskar: Magic Mountains

Carlo Pizzati

Zanskar is poised between its Buddhist heritage and development that promises wealth

The Yaksha Who Deserves More Attention

Despite his stature in multiple faiths of India, Manibhadra is not given the importance he is due, argues Aritra Ghosh who sheds light on the depth of this nature spirit’s personality

The Opening Punch

Chaos unfurls when vendetta is ill conceived, and a bag of riches is to be found

Waiting for Lakshmi

The goddess of wealth is still evolving

The Socialist Fetish

Forget wealth with welfare. Wealth is welfare

The Equality Syndrome

And all those defunct economists and academic scribblers

Despite the Paradox

Don’t be fooled by the old German. Let’s celebrate wealth

The Originals

The smart-up generation in 10 portraits

Political Fortunes

The ideological colours of money


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