Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street

So good is its craftsmanship and acting that its lack of meaning is forgivable

Fuzzy Money and Fudgy Logic

This book will not overthrow capitalism, but mounts a critique that deserves a read

Pandit’s Premature Departure

Citigroup lost about nine tenths of its market value during Vikram Pandit’s tenure as its CEO

The Return of Gordon Gekko

The fictional rogue trader makes his comeback in a second Wall Street film. But the world around him has changed.

Half Right

Granted, it was inequality that set the world economy up for a crash. But how exactly? This is still open to debate

Contrarian Cash

Michael Lewis on the oddballs and wiseguys who saw America’s financial crisis coming and made whopping fortunes betting the other way.

Business Briefing 02/01

To Beam or Not to Beam; and Behind Wall Street

Thunder Tomes

Recent literature on the world’s financial crisis is anything but boring. These books crackle, roar and rip

Business Briefing 24/10

Wall Street still mired in crisis and the CEO of Future Group shares what he learnt from the slowdown


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