Varun Gandhi

Dog and Bone Syndrome

Virendra Kapoor

For obvious reasons, it particularly afflicts ruling parties

General Election 2019: Quote Hanger

My mother is contesting from here and she is a noble soul. You all should vote for Mata, that is, Bharat Mata, says Varun Gandhi

Feroze Varun Gandhi: ‘We’ve gone from medievalism to post-modernism without really having a civilisation in between’

Feroze Varun Gandhi attempts to correct the ill effects of historical processes through his tome on rural distress

India This Week

Love the Animals, Hug the Butchers; Maharashtra’s Missing Girls; Kerala BJP Looks up to Bangalore; Return of the Mother of All Monitors; Revenge Politics

Dear Mama, When Do I Grow Up?

Varun Gandhi still needs his mother to fight his battles

Attack of the Clones

Your correspondent catches Varun Gandhi in an awkward moment to get a hang of what’s really going on in the young politician’s head

Adopting the Muddle Path

The party’s conclave was intended to sort out some of its problems. Instead it seems to have compounded them

Between a Block and a Hard Place

Whichever way the BJP chooses to go, it senses trouble. It’s an unenviable problem for a party that rose so dramatically to power not so long ago


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