US elections

US Election 2016: Did the Khans Break the Trumpet?

James Astill

An unknown immigrant family at the Democratic convention may have shaken the loutish Republican candidate a bit but this election is not yet Hillary Clinton’s to lose

Why Donald Trump is Good for India

His America would leave India with no alternative than to give up complacency, fend for itself and safeguard its extended interests

For One First Lady to Another

An indication of the entertainment that a Trump presidency promises

The Rewards of Being a Spectacle

They might look foolish but both Hindu Sena and Donald Trump know what they’re doing

Trump and Hillary: The Unloveable versus the Despicable

Compared with Trump’s hideous and incurable flaws, Hillary’s perceived faults seem far from indigestible to a voter with a sturdy stomach

US Election 2016: Donald Up Close

The Republican candidate is much more pleasant in private than in his snarling public performances. Our contributor gets closer to Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton: Make Way for Madam President

In spite of the trust deficit, it’s time for the Clinton dynasty’s tryst with the White House

The American Scream

It is a fight between the inscrutably cynical Hillary Clinton and the swashbuckling nativist Donald Trump. The unpopular may defeat the popular in the end

Who’s Afraid of the Outsider?

The truth behind the crude ingenuity of Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton: “I can play with the boys now”

The story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, ‘an exasperating little girl’ who wished to become an astronaut


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