Union Budget 2020

The Millennial Fix

Moinak Mitra

Lower taxes mean more liquidity for the young and restless

Quantum Leap

What will the Rs 8,000 crore earmarked for quantum technology mean for this new field in India?

Economic Realism

The Government has finally given up excessive populism and its dread of the suit-boot label

A Political Gamble

An unusual strategy for growth

The Limited Past

The number of allusions to ancient India in the Budget and Economic Survey notwithstanding, if you were not a king, there is really no question any Indian would much rather live in the present financial system

Calendar Crisis

Does the number of days an NRI resides in India matter?

Budget 2020: The Right Course

Budget 2020 marks a break from the phase of expediency and presents the first draft of a coherent economic philosophy


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