UK elections

Boris Begins Anew

Sudeep Paul

The Prime Minister made a gamble. And he has won big

Hay Notebook

The political drift at the Hay Festival

London Fire and Leadership

Britain feels the absence of a leader at the worst of its time--when it needs answers and authority

Open Diary

The Naxalbari anniversary and the role of non-citizens in UK elections

Is David Cameron the last Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?

Britain’s general election has produced a stunning victory for the Conservatives. Yet the stability it has brought may be fleeting as Prime Minister David Cameron faces a House of Commotions

UK Verdict: An echo of Modi in the Disunited Kingdom

Can David Cameron finally find Britain’s place in the post-Imperial world?

Coalition Sceptre Hangs over British Elections

With the increasing popularity of LibDems, the UK could see a hung parliament this year, as traditional Labour supporters now have the option of changing their mind without voting Conservative.


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