Rahul Gandhi: Being an Intellectual

Virendra Kapoor

If you were a well-wisher of Rahul Gandhi, you would tell him to stop pretending to be an intellectual. Being an intellectual is not necessary to be prime minister

The Unchallenged

Armed with nationalism and effective delivery, BJP is forging ahead while opposition unity remains elusive in the run-up to crucial state elections

National Interest

In the political future of Tripura, Meghalaya and Nagaland

Three Out of Three

BJP sustains its momentum in the Northeast to retain Tripura and Nagaland while reuniting with its old ally in Meghalaya

Confident Campaigner

BJP is certain it will win the multi-cornered contest in Tripura while it seeks to expand its footprint in Meghalaya and Nagaland

Fear of the Foreigner

The Citizenship Amendment Act and the Northeast exceptionalism

Can the Indian Left Reinvent Itself?

Communists face a do-or-die battle for survival

Narendra Modi: Optimum Power

The undiminished popularity of Narendra Modi and the unmatched organisational skills of Amit Shah have made BJP India’s natural party of governance. Is India closer than ever to one-party dominance?

The Revenge of the Underclass

A historic win for BJP as the last Marxist citadel falls to a Tribal backlash


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