The Nonsense of No-Go Zones

Mihir Srivastava

Why the Supreme Court’s ban on tourists in core areas of tiger reserves is bad news for the species

Tourism Is Now an Election Issue

A few candidates are taking up the resentment of local residents against backpackers seen as contributing little to the Goan economy

Another Kind of Arab Spring

Jordan is a desert land windswept with whispers of religious and historical grandeur more than of rebellion and political grandstanding

Space Tourism

The ship is expected to go to an altitude of 110 km, above the Karman Line, the boundary between Earth and space.

All That I Didn’t Know about the Andamans

Hostile tribes, human safaris, earthquakes by the month, seaplanes, micro volcanoes, jobless elephants and really stupid tourists

Merchants of Excess

There are travel genies who can get you special access. Forbidden doors in Venice would open, restaurants in Paris where reservations have to be made months in advance would suddenly grant you a table and you’d see museums the way not many have

Its Exalted Dryness

Pushkar’s holy lake is dry. As the religious and secular alike are beset by a rising sense of panic, we get to the bottom of the crisis.

Joanna Gives Them Hope

Fair play has acquired a whole new meaning in this post-apartheid tip of Africa, thanks to justice and sports

Kargil Now

Ten years ago, when armed intruders tried to run over Kargil, nobody knew about this area. But the war has changed this place forever


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