Save the Tiger

Ranjit Lal

An insider’s account of the apathy plaguing wildlife conservation

Killing Them Gently

Meet the gentleman hunter

Natural Instincts

Romancing the wild with a social conscience

Natural Instincts

The greening of Indira Gandhi

Burning Bright

Stephen Alter reimagines the enigma of Jim Corbett

Caging the Beast

What is captivity to a living being? Is it only an animal in a zoo that suffers? Or do wild animals feel captive in the wild too?

Tadoba’s Bloody Trails

Tigers have killed more than 50 people around the Tadoba Andhari reserve since 2006. Why is Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district turning into India’s bloodiest tiger conflict zone?

Who’s Killing the Corbett Tigers?

Four tigers found dead in less than a month, within a triangular patch of about 40 sq km in the heart of one of India’s best reserves. Natural deaths? Infighting? Poaching? With the media rife with speculation, Open cuts through the clutter to find some answers.

Surrendering the Last Frontier

The Kanha-Pench landscape is one of India’s best four tiger habitats. But despite objections from the National Board for Wildlife, National Tiger Conservation Authority, Wildlife Institute of India and Supreme Court’s Central Empowered Committee, a highway might just deny the big cat its best chance of survival.

The Tiger Trapper

Ziaur Rehman was a hunter who loved wildlife. His life’s a fine example of why this is no paradox


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