Modi and Trump: Strongmen at Work

Tunku Varadarajan

Modi and Trump pursue the art of the deal

Instinctively Together

Israel waits for Modi, a natural friend

Man on the Run

A brisk and informative account of Osama bin Laden’s years in hiding after 9/11

Balochistan: And the Mountains Echoed

Balochistan’s underground movement for freedom, with its leadership in exile, gets an Indian impetus

The Wreckage Beneath Trumpism

The failure of mainstream conservatism has made the rise of Trump possible. Have the evil-busters ever noticed?

You’ve Got Mail

A rare insight into the mind of a terrorist drawn from previously unpublished correspondence

Resurgent Radical Islam Puts the Indian State Under Strain

India will be a better place, and a more responsible republic, if it can break out of the safety of clichés that characterise the world’s approach to radical Islamism

Jihad in Bangladesh

Liberal Dhaka is under the threat of radical Islam but the Hasina government is still in denial

Don’t Demonise Islam

Muslims are caught between religious extremism and the moral weakness of those who say ‘Islam is evil’

The Art of Denial

How to complicate the complicated


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