Taj Mahal

Evaluating History

Madhavankutty Pillai

Why it doesn’t matter if the British were benign

Order and Chaos

How the Mughal and the British colonial influences come together in Indian gardens

For the Love of the Taj

Is the revisionist appraisal of the country’s most celebrated monument dislodging it from its cultural perch?

Geetanjali Kulkarni: ‘The roles we play give us a better understanding of people, reality and ourselves’

Geetanjali Kulkarni’s primary playground has been Marathi theatre. Her popularity has now been fuelled by recent online hit series

The Marketable Idea of India

Ravinder Kaur tracks liberalised India and its links to cultural nationalism

Manuscripts Don’t Burn

The medieval glory of Timbuktu in golden letters

India Art Fair 2017: All the Flowers Are for Everyone

When Picasso and Dali give a welcome twist to the predominantly Asian show at the India Art Fair

How Not to Look at the Past

And not rename roads that don’t need to be renamed

Claiming the Taj

How to turn a magnificent monument into a trite property dispute

Another Love, Another Taj

The man who put his entire savings to create a Taj Mahal replica in his wife's memory


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