Human Smugglers and Saviours

Peter Tinti and Tuesday Reitano

How a network of criminals controls global migration

Syrian Refugees: Exodus and the Idea of Home

The German question is not about the number of refugees it can take. Zaher’s story says it all

A Requiem for the Year of God and Fear

And still we cannot have an honest conversation on Islam

The Irony of This War

Despite Obama’s strong words, the West is still groping for a response to Islamic State

Calm After the Rage of Evil

‘Europe would need a common enemy to unite and the only one available is Islam.’ Is André Malraux’s prophecy coming true?

Jihad Comes Close to Home

The news from Bangladesh should alert India to the threat from ISIS. It is real and immediate

Nothing Medieval About Them

Are Islamic terrorists, executioners of the digital age, ahead of the curve?

Our Conscience Is Their Only Home

The Caliphate of Hate cannot be undone by military power alone

Jihad: Who Will Contain the Evil?

A global consensus on fighting jihad cannot wait any longer


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