The Road From Damascus

Sudeep Paul

Israel’s strike at Iran on Syrian soil is likely to escalate the war in Gaza

War for Peace

Memoir of a Kurdish sniper who helped stop the ISIS in Syria

Range of the Radical

Two books explore the influence of Salafism

Living to Tell the Tale

After an arduous journey, badly wounded soldiers from civil war-ravaged Yemen get a healing touch in India

Beirut of the Mind

An iconic city retrieves its romance from the wreckage of war

Still Looking for the Lost 39

ISIS has been defeated but there is still no trace of the Indians who went missing

ISIS: The End of an Idea

The defeat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria should not be an occasion for global complacency. Anchal Vohra reports from Najaf and Baghdad

On the Road to Damascus

The war may not be over yet but Syria begins to rebuild from the ruins. What’s there for India as China monopolises the reconstruction contracts? Anchal Vohra reports from Damascus

The Humanist Project

The power of the subversive and the poetic

President Trump Fires a Missile

Finally America shows global leadership by launching an air strike on Syria. Still, what’s Donald Trump’s strategic vision?


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