Supreme Court

Backward Intervention

Alam Srinivas

The Supreme Court’s decision on the Ambani brothers’ gas fight represents a pyrrhic victory for Mukesh, a loss for Anil and a big win for politicians harking back to the Licence Raj.

India This Week

Restoring Lost Order in the Courts; How Deep is Your Prejudice?

India This Week

Now, Prepare for a War over Food; Govt Sits on Rs 10 crore Fund; A Supremely Strange Petition in the SC; Seven Deaths and Our Civic Agencies Still Don’t Care

The Death Debate

While we debate the merits of euthanasia, while well-meaning emotion battles hard-headed reason, Aruna Shanbag languishes in her vegetative state in a hospital bed. It’s been 40 years. Get your head around it.


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