Supreme Court

Courts of Discontent

Siddharth Singh

The law minister’s remarks have been interpreted as crossing a Lakshman rekha. They are hardly that

Why Blame Botticelli?

The eco-ninjas have crossed the line

Hindu plea on Gyanvapi maintainable, says Varanasi Court

Litigants sought access to the Shringar Gauri shrine, Anjuman Committee opposed the plea

Essential Question

A Muslim hospitality sector icon makes a point in the hijab case that the Supreme Court is hearing

A Red Card for Indian Football

FIFA’s decision to suspend AIFF puts the spotlight on in-house intrigues and frustrates the Supreme Court’s efforts to reform the sport’s governance

Justice Uday Umesh Lalit: An Institutional Mind

The new Chief Justice of India has a long way to go in a short tenure

The Loud Sentinel

The Supreme Court’s observations in denying Nupur Sharma relief contradict its own precedent and the notion of judicial restraint

America After Roe vs Wade

Conservative judges have inflamed the culture war by scrapping the constitutional right to abortion


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