Supreme Court

Restoring the Dignity of the Dead

Rajeev Deshpande

The peace accord with UNLF, the oldest Meitei insurgent group in Manipur, and the Supreme Court’s snub to NGOs delaying the burial of victims can help calm the state down

Privacy Matters

On Supreme Court questioning the right of police to unfettered access to cellphones and laptops

Will Supreme Court’s Pill for Delhi Work?

On current evidence, it seems unlikely that the Supreme Court order will improve the capital’s governance.

Same-Sex Marriage

We have our highest court in the land which may well do what even the mighty British Parliament cannot

Genitals Be Damned

Nevertheless, what is worrying is the move to suggest that sexual differences must be reduced to subjective inner feelings of individuals

A Dispute Called Biology

As the Chief Justice of India echoes the queer theory refrain

Love Is Gender-Blind

In defence of same-sex marriage

Beyond the Brief

Has the Supreme Court overreached by entering the political debate on the Election Commission and the Adani controversy?

Courts of Discontent

The law minister’s remarks have been interpreted as crossing a Lakshman rekha. They are hardly that

Why Blame Botticelli?

The eco-ninjas have crossed the line


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