Supreme Court

To Clarify an Objective

Madhavankutty Pillai

The Supreme Court asks a necessary question on reservations

Partisan Political Battles

Increasingly, competitive politics has been reduced to tweets and counter-tweets

Justice NV Ramana: Social Justice

The new CJI is a champion of the underclass

The Court in the Middle

After the court passed an interim order on a clutch of petitions related to three farm reform laws passed by Parliament, it found itself in the midst of a firestorm

The Free Speech Question

When the court stuck to its guns

For God’s Sake

By restoring the management of Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple to the Travancore royal family, the Supreme Court raises the larger question of the state’s control over temples

There’s Always a Price

The Supreme Court order on free Covid testing by private labs is counterproductive

Hanging by a Thread

Four men were executed in the early hours of March 20th finally bringing peace to Jyoti Singh’s family, though larger questions about the death penalty still persist

Ranjan Gogoi: Judging the Judge

The former CJI, now a member of Rajya Sabha, is a player of chess and well-chosen words


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