To Remain a Superstar

Madhavankutty Pillai

The travails of Shah Rukh Khan as he searched for a hit

Being Salman Khan

The matinee masculinity of Hindi cinema’s biggest star

The Making of Kabali: Just Rajini

The mythology of India’s most saleable cultural icon is built on popular catharsis and emotional kitsch

Shah Rukh Khan: ‘I Give You the Right Not to Judge People’

Shah Rukh Khan dissects fame and success and confesses that many chapters of his life remain closed to all

Mrs Sen and I

Suchitra Sen signified the acme of modernity to the Bengali middle-class of the 1950s and 1960s playing characters who speak English with apparent ease, wear chic clothes, and have careers which they usually choose to put on hold. She was not an actress; her greatest performance was in playing herself: Suchitra Sen, the luminous superstar. And with her reclusiveness, she cannily created a legend of herself

The Superstar Deconstructed

Why the success of Chennai Express is not good news for Shah Rukh Khan

The Accidental Superstar

Dilip Kumar turned 90 on 11 December. The legend and lore of perhaps the greatest Indian actor ever

The Loneliest Superstar Ever

From the dizzying heights of stardom to the depths of despair, the Rajesh Khanna story is unsurpassable

The Last Indian Superstar

The secret of Rajini’s mass appeal is that he’s a true celluloid hero, not a multiplex megabrand like Shah Rukh or the latter-day Amitabh.

The Revenge of Rajnikanth

Those who try to understand his extraordinary fame are wasting their time.


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