Bitter Sugar

Madhavankutty Pillai

A crisis of oversupply has resulted in Rs 23,000 crore arrears owed to sugarcane farmers, a powerful political constituency that could make its discontent felt in next year’s General Election

The Bittersweet Truth

Sugar substitutes can be as harmful as the real thing

The Dal Price Rise

Unlike commodities like edible oils, sugar, wheat or corn, import options are limited in pulses because not much production happens outside

Life in a Sugar Sac

As diabetes during pregnancy imperils more and more babies in Indian wombs, doctors pledge an all-out effort to return life to normalcy

Sweet Nothings

Contrary to popular belief, sugar-free products do not really help us lose weight.

Sweet Poison

Namita Devidayal’s Aftertaste tells the syrupy saga of families in the mithai business. The author pleads guilty of a sweet tooth.

Sugar Shudders

A national sugar crisis. An Assembly election in Maharashtra. For better or worse, they’re closely entwined.


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