Cosmic Enchantment

Jaideep Unudurti

Once again inside the Black Hole with Stephen Hawking

What Next?

A physicist’s ruminations on the human quest for an eternal afterlife

Players to Watch Out For

Open picks its own favourites to watch during the World Cup in South Africa.

Birth of the Earth

A new model solves a key problem in the theory of the formation of planets around a star.

A Celestial Rosetta Stone

Newton orbiting X-ray telescope has uncovered a celestial Rosetta stone—the first close-up of a white dwarf star

Zoom to the Future

Galileo Galilei turned his telescope to the stars 400 years ago. No single moment has had a greater impact on our view of the world

The Superstar Problem

Some film makers hope for the day when producers and the public will be liberated from the ‘star’. (By the way, we carry this essay only because a Hrithik interview fell through)


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