The Gain in Spain

Pallavi Aiyar

Is Madrid becoming the new Miami?

After the Iberian #MeToo

A football boss’ ouster shows how much things have improved for women in Spain

Beautiful Losers

The long afterglow of the best teams that did not win

The Cup of Convergence

Why Europe dominates

A Passage to the Company?

An encounter with the Kafkaesque British visa regime

My Love Affair with My Passport

It’s about romantic notions rather than bald facts

Between Lives and Livelihoods

The former had to be given priority

The Other Revolution

Moscow breaks out into spontaneous revelry after Russia beat Spain to reach the quarterfinals of their home World Cup


There was no malice at heart, only relief—the gratitude for leaving graveyards on feet

Us and Them

The torment of awaiting a Federer-Nadal final. And the euphoria of witnessing it


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