South Asia

The Kartarpur Model

Mehr Tarar

A corridor for Sikh pilgrims and an opportunity for South Asia

The Anatomy of Power

Srinath Raghavan’s new book is a richly textured study of America’s footprints on South Asia

Our Man in Washington

An excavation of what has gone wrong with America’s South Asia policy over the years

When Frogs Make Love

An explosion of amphibian research in India

Without a Shot

Two nuclear weapons specialists dream up a non-violent option for India to rein in Pakistan

India Art Fair 2016: Subcontinental Drift

With its special spotlight on South Asia, India Art Fair 2016 promises works from India’s immediate neighbourhood

Brown Hopes in the Ring

South Asian candidates are standing for US Senate and Congress elections in impressive numbers. The chances of most, however, are dulled by factors beyond their control

View from Down Under

Even as Australia faces the heat over racist attacks, four photojournalists from the country present their picture of South Asia.

A State Gone to Seed

A collection of essays fails to shed new light on an old topic. The focus is on Pakistan, not on the great divide


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