‘Malice Towards One and All’

Virendra Kapoor

Khushwant Singh once wrote that Indira Gandhi could not become a clerk in the Government she had most fortuitously come to head

Scandinavia, A to Z

The real-life world of Nordic noir

Temporary Malayalis

They return home only to discover how foreign Kerala has become

The Future of Love

The undiminished solar power of Kazuo Ishiguro’s imagination

Subservient Minds

And their dominion stretches from politics to media

Kitab Khana

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the devastating fire

The Violent Indian

Thomas Blom Hansen’s new book studies the widening gap between the goals of those at the helm and the rights enshrined in the Constitution. The author in conversation with Ullekh NP

The Road to Redemption

A debut collection about characters at crossroads

The New Theology of Victimhood

When the Directorate of Sensitivity steps in

In a Manner of Speaking

The history and importance of human conversation


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