Beyond the Scapegoat

Nandini Nair

Why are crimes against women being avenged by vigilantism and blood thirst?

A History of Forking Paths

The countdown to the post-post-World War II age has begun

Runs in the Family

A collaborative photo book looks at an immigrant scientist’s images through his son’s eyes

A Local Crossword

The romance of south Mumbai

Books Redeem the Narcos City

If drugs gave Guadalajara a bad name, then books have done more than redeeming it

The Call of the Mob

When those in Parliament encourage citizens to lynch those accused of rape, it shows a complete breakdown of the system

A Courtesan’s Tale

A journalistic exercise on tawaifs, which also provides a history of sexuality, secularism and ‘propriety’ in India

Speaking in their own Voices

New creative forces from Nagaland and Manipur

Life Is a Forest

Liberated women of the Vedic times

Mothers and Daughters

A different kind of family saga


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