Slumdog Millionaire

Anil Kapoor: His own star

Madhavankutty Pillai

The evergreen actor gets the judiciary to assert his right over his own personality

Dharavi: Once Upon a Slum

Dharavi lies between myth and memory. Lhendup G Bhutia discovers one of India’s biggest social transformations

King Lear in India

Everyone is a villain in this novel adaptation

Dev Patel: ‘An Anthem for Mothers and Sons’

Oscar-nominated Dev Patel talks about what it is like being a child of immigrants in a conversation with Noel de Souza

The Iffy Moments of IFFI

The film festival’s pretensions to international stature don’t square with reality. Is it time to wrest control of it from the Government?

Slumdog Stories

...from the land of Shanti Shanti

Confessions of a Slum Tour Guide

“Eye-gouging only happens when the lazier slum-dwellers, who would rather beg than work, request the operation.”


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