Shashi Tharoor

Of Shashi and Shanta

S Prasannarajan

Tharoor and Kumar are united by a familiar trait of controlled democracy

Sushma in the Soup

There is more than Lalit Modi that makes the Foreign Minister's position untenable

Loose Canon

Shashi Tharoor takes on everything from Modi to the significance of birthdays with his elegant prose, but spreads his umbrella too wide

The mystery of Sunanda Pushkar’s death

Injury No 10, a puncture mark caused by an injection, has been of interest to all investigators

Memoir as manifesto

America’s former Secretary of State gears up for a presidential campaign with a much-anticipated autobiography

History Lessons from Mr Tharoor

Another absurd retelling of the story of the Kashmiri Pandit exodus from the Valley

An Idiot’s Guide to Celeb Tweeting

Now that the perils of embracing cool tech are clear, perhaps our twitterati will consider learning the golden rules of celebrity-tweeting.

Last Wicket

It is not just about Lalit Modi and some greedy businessmen and politicians. If the IPL mess is not contained quickly, the entire world cricket economy could be staring at disaster.

Indian Tainted League

The latest controversy surrounding the Indian Premier League will impact its credibility as a professionally run sporting spectacle.

Tweet for Tat

Shashi Tweeter Tharoor may or may not be suffering from webbed-foot-in-beak syndrome, but the minister of state ought to share some of the grief his ministry’s embassies have caused Indian citizens worldwide. Here’s a sample of their aggrieved tweets:


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