When the Goddess Goes to War

Bibek Debroy

Choose your enemy wisely — and get the right bow

When Gods Invoke the Goddess

The threat from demons compels them to recite Lalitaa’s prayer

A Canvas of Empowerment

Bengal and its pandals during Durga Puja

Shiva and Shivaa

The conjoined universe of the masculine and the feminine

Why Shiva Shines

The eternity of Shakti adds to his aura

The Realm of the Goddess

Exploring the Shakti Peethas

The Womb of the Earth

Water and blood, creation and death, at the Kamakhya temple

The Sacred Feminine

Tantric approaches to a misinterpreted goddess

To An Anonymous German Critic

It isn’t necessary for a critic to watch something with an entire Indian glossary in her head. Sringara, who? And what is the use of speaking of context? Why should you know anything about the history of Dasiattam and devadasis in South India?


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