sex workers

Hope and Heartbreak

A compelling account of India’s battle against HIV

Whores and Lovers

They might sell their bodies daily to men, but they also have tortured relationships with steady partners

The Difficulty of Being Invisible

Mayank Austen Soofi has a very instrusive presence on the pages of his book on the lives of Delhi’s sex workers

Sex Work and the City

In Chennai, husbands don’t know their wives are sex workers, finds an unusual survey

The Sex Worker as Storyteller

Nalini Jameela has already written a bestselling autobiography of her life in this shadowy industry. With her second book, due soon, she shares her insights not only into the behaviour of men, but also the art of storytelling as honed by her professional skills

A Happy Spam Story

A novel take on phone spam could improve the lives of sex workers in Bangalore

Red Light Banking

A financial institution that helps sex workers save money is in danger of shutting down

Random Notes on Pimps

Red Light streets are yesterday. Mobile phones. Residential colonies. The suburbs. Housewives. Students. The pimps show us glimpses of the changing profile of the sex industry


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