Reena Kallat: Trapped in Hyphens

Rosalyn D’Mello

Reena Kallat is continuously re-imagining existing bodies of work to unravel their many possible permutations and combinations

India Re-Hyphenated

Seventy stages of freedom

Lost in the City

Jagannath Panda traces the plunder of our landscape

The Eternal Image

A museum project and the idea of narrative India

Bijoy Jain: An Architect’s Reverie

Bijoy Jain’s sculptures embody scale independent of size

Anish Kapoor: My Name is Red

Anish Kapoor’s new show in London is a visceral exploration of the internal human body in its most vulnerable state

Sculpture: The Primeval and the Modern

The philosophical and the political permeate an exhibition of sculptures

Mithu Sen: The Constant Performer

The subversive brio of Mithu Sen. Photographs: Rohit Chawla

Himmat Shah: In Soulful Solitude

Himmat Shah and the joy of being detached


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