Virendra Kapoor

The jinx of a global broadcaster, tale of a Nirav Modi showroom, and beeline for Rajya Sabha seats

The Nature of the Beast

It is necessary to privatise nationalised banks or at least bring down government shareholding to less than 50 per cent

The Great Indian Bank Robbery

It’s time for a wide range of reforms, with no option kept off the agenda, not even the privatisation of banks. Open takes a close look at what’s wrong and what can be done

The Other Side of Midnight

Can the India story be redeemed?

The Minimum Leader: The Unravelling of Arvind Kejriwal

Two years on, it is becoming apparent that Arvind Kejriwal is no breakaway from the typical mould of the politician as deception artist

Employment Guarantee Fraud

Karnataka admits to a MNREGA scam pegged at Rs 600 crore

Why is nobody talking about Sheila Dikshit?

Two reports, one by a committee set up by the Prime Minister, the other by the CAG, have raised serious concerns about her role. Yet, no one is asking any questions

The Madhu Koda Interview (Part 3)

“Why am in jail? Where is the evidence against me?”

The Madhu Koda Interview (Part 1)

Former chief minister of Jharkhand Madhu Koda speaks to Open in the first on-record interview since his arrest.


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