Salaam Bombay

‘To keep it real, to keep it unsanitised. That’s the beauty of Mumbai’

Divya Unny

Sooni Taraporevala, the writer of iconic films like Salaam Bombay and The Namesake, tells the story of two boys learning ballet in a Mumbai slum

Mira Nair: Breaking the Colour Code

Mira Nair’s new movie is a daring rejoinder to racial prejudices

Irrfan Khan International

The prolific performer of Bollywood defies boundaries and labels

Neither Salaam, Nor Bombay

He ran away from home to Bombay and landed the lead in Mira Nair’s Academy award-nominated Salaam Bombay! But after years of looking for another role, any role, he’s back home in Bangalore driving an auto.


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