Best of 2020 Books: Non-Fiction: Our Maladies

Sudeep Paul

The Hidden Hand | The Story of China | The Ratline |Agent Sonya | The Habsburgs | The Nine Lives of Pakistan

The Unwelcome Guest

Trotsky’s Exile in France (1933-1935)

How Chekhov’s works influenced 20th century Hindi literature

Giants of Hindi literature such as Munshi Premchand, Rajendra Yadav and Banarasidas Chaturvedi were enamoured of the works of the Russian playwright and short-story writer

How the Russians dealt with China’s ‘Ladakh-style’ incursions

China has a 4209-km long border with Russia, a significant part of which is on the Amur and Ussuri rivers

A White Elephant by the Ganges: A Russian bard’s fantasies about India

Vladimir Vysotsky, one of Russia’s most beloved 20th century poets, was fascinated with the India of his imagination, and wrote and sang a few timeless classics about the country in the 1970s

Astrakhan’s India Connection

When Indian immigrants thrived in southern Russia

Capital Reasons

A brief history of transfers, name changes and ex nihilo constructions

Winter in St. Petersburg

A visit to Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s House

The Backstory of our Anxieties

We are still living in the changes authored by the years 1979 and 1989


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