The Indian Pastoral

Rachel Dwyer

The cinematic evolution of the countryside sends out a social message

The New Village Idiom

Is agriculture all that important?

Ravi Agarwal: In the Realm of Nature

Ravi Agarwal’s photography forces us to ask: Is this what we do to nature? Is this what we do in turn, to ourselves?

A Bittersweet Nightmare

Contrary to popular belief, diabetes is no longer restricted to the affluent anymore. Some of the worst affected are those who have migrated from an active rural lifestyle to an urban sedentary job

Sridhar Gundaiah: Call of the Countryside

The man who is pioneering a rural e-commerce revolution

How We Did the Undoable

The story of a seemingly impossible feat: a small team of media professionals defy scepticism and conventional wisdom alike to launch Gaon Connection, a weekly newspaper for rural India. And now politicians as well as corporate honchos eyeing India’s booming rural market are showing interest in it

Service for Non Resident Villagers

For urban Indians and NRIs who want a slice of their rural past, Pradeep Lokhade brings their villages to them.

A Curious Village

Do you sometimes feel like riding a buffalo, milking a cow or pelting stones at mangoes?


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