In High Spirits

Shail Desai

A great mountain runner relives the romance of ascending

Home Marathon

The reinvention of the long-distance runner

The Last Runner

How a broken beast won hearts and races

A Sledge Across the Personal Tundra

On running, life, and everything in between


The obsession of fitness tracking with devices that monitor steps taken, calories burned and even sleep

Why People Run

The motivations of common people who run distances that most others can’t even walk

Elephantine Speed

The physics behind the astounding charge of a bull elephant had remained somewhat of a mystery till recently.

A True Test of the Will to Survive

Triathlons test to the limit an athlete’s will to finish the race. Soon you too can race with some of the best triathletes, in the sun and sands of Goa.

The Advantage of the Older Man

It is not fully understood why long-distance runners in their 30s are superior to younger runners.

Triumph of the Lowly Yam

The fastest man, Usain Bolt, has unexpectedly liberated a vegetable from the humility it has been forced into


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