Republic Day

A Dharmic Document

J Sai Deepak

What’s constitutional morality?

‘Three Warnings’ of BR Ambedkar

Dr Ambedkar raised the spectre of India losing its independence once again if the Constitution was not adhered to in letter and spirit

It can only happen in America and India, says Obama

Obama equaled himself with India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying it can only happen in America and India where a cook’s grandson can become a President and a tea seller can become a Prime Minister

Don’t let clichés mar the partnership

A measure of honest reserve would serve India’s interests better and win Obama’s respect

India Is Elsewhere

Obama’s State of the Union address on 20 January reinforces his protectionist image. It would scare potential investors away from projects such as the Make in India initiative


Lame duck President meets rampant Prime Minister

An American in Delhi

President Barack Obama at this Republic Day Parade is all about Modi’s mission on his own mythology—and his India

We the People

60 years ago, we adopted the Constitution and became a Republic. Presenting excerpts from some Constituent Assembly debates that laid the foundation of the nation we are today.


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