In High Spirits

Manu Remakant

A fascinating journey across cultures charts the life and evolution of alcohol and its influence

Eater or the Eaten?

The relationship between food and attaining perfection continues to bedevil modern-day existence

Simhastha Mela: Pilgrim’s Prowess in Ujjain

It’s another Kumbh spectacular on the riverbank as sadhus and seekers join the biggest festival of faith

Kollam Temple: Praying with Fire

A ban is not the answer. Let tradition live with strict rule of law

The Permanent Pursuit of the Imperfect

Gods, goddesses and the human indicator of happiness

Happier Is the Selfless

Building relationships beyond quid pro quo

Love and Language

Poet-saint Andal’s work proves that she regards the body a site of the sacred as much as the soul

A Relative Question of the Ascetic

Adi Shankaracharya and the idea of a sannyasi

A Portrait of Gokarna

Sun, sand and other nourishments for the senses and the spirit on Om Beach


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