Rahul Dravid

The Revenge of Kuldeep Yadav

Boria Majumdar

He was a man possessed against his former IPL team

Being Rahul Dravid

Can he help India win its first major cricket title since 2013?

Under-19 World Cup: Wall of Fame

The story of India’s triumph at the Under-19 World Cup was meticulously planned by coach Rahul Dravid long before the event unfolded

Test Cricket: Pink Is the New Red

The ball that could revolutionise Test cricket

When Dravid Stole Sachin’s Thunder

He always played bridesmaid to Tendulkar, yet Dravid was also The One

The In-Between Man

When will greatness be conferred on Rahul Dravid?

True Colors

How do cricketers who fly frequently deal with passenger flatulence, why aren’t the Kolkata Knight Riders ever ashamed of themselves, what do stars do in South Africa when they are not playing, why are Indian cheerleaders not so hot


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