The New Codes of Conduct

Ullekh NP

Living with the virus requires a complete overhaul of our individual and social habits

In the Diminished Realm of the Senses

How touch, hearing, taste, smell and sight have changed in this lockdown

Letting Go

A lifetime of saying goodbye to people and things—and there was still more to lose

Covid-19 Predictions

More than a month after the lockdown, my personal mantra is May, May, May

A Routine for Uncertain Times

We too fought a World War, albeit without weapons

House of Misery

Domestic abuse sees a sharp rise in the time of the Covid-19 lockdown

A Different War

When the history of a different war is written, tribute must be paid to Indian public’s astonishing fortitude

Taking Control in Kerala

The state is steadily turning the tide against Covid-19 but the battle is far from over

Return to the Magic Mountain

Tired of re-reading Camus’ The Plague and closed-room murder mysteries, or of obsessing over the novel coronavirus? These ten novels about quarantine and isolation may help get you through the lockdown—whether you are ill, retreating from the world or just brooding


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