The Survivors

Chittajit Mitra

Thirty stories that capture the essence of Punjabiyat

Being a Punjabi

Marked by identity politics

Cringepop: Like Them Not

Suddenly cringepop is sensational

Chauthi Koot: Movie Review

‘Chauthi Koot’ is a prescient and contemporary film


The Basti and the City

A capacious debut novel provides Karachi with a cast of rough characters

‘Yeh Duniya Pittal Di’

How Bollywood’s Punjabi inflection unifies India

Yamla Pagla Deewana

Be prepared to shed your political correctness for this ode to the Patiala Peg and all things ‘Caneda’

The Saga of Sher-e-Punjab

The saga of India’s favourite dhaba began with a small tea shop in Chandigarh owned by a refugee. Simmering with the earthen taste of authentic Punjabi food, the little tea shop served homesick bachelors lunch and memories of home.

Though This Be Madness, There Is Method In’t

After sixteen years of work, Surjit Hans’ mission of translating all of Shakespeare into Punjabi is nigh an end.


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