The Pune Chapter

Nandini Nair

Tracing swaraj through the city’s streets

Maratha Power

Uday Kulkarni has single-handedly rescued history from the abdication of responsibilities by professional historians

Rediscovering Anthropologist Irawati Karve

The collection of her books at Deccan College, Pune, offers ample opportunities to retrace her passionate intellectual journey

Finding Husain in Kudje

A new museum, spread over eight acres, and with eight galleries, on the outskirts of Pune democratises art and art viewership

Sex Workers: Green Light Area

With masks, hand sanitisers and new social-distancing norms, sex workers are resuming business across India

The Beer Hug

A new crop of entrepreneurs creates a level playing field for craft beer in India

Historical Wrongs and the Present

Dalit assertion is no excuse for violence against neutral parties


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