Fear and Loathing in Aligarh

Ullekh NP

Assertions of religious identity in the face of sectarian politics put the spotlight on India’s most famous Muslim university

Facts and Fiction in J&K: The Convenience of Belief

A reluctance to face facts has extracted a human cost in Kashmir. Now Jammu seems unwilling to draw lessons from it

Back to the Scorched Earth

A group of Tamil farmers made national headlines one year ago by kicking off a series of absurd protests in Delhi. V Shoba meets key characters from the landmark agitation who are back in their villages battling an unending farm crisis

Historical Wrongs and the Present

Dalit assertion is no excuse for violence against neutral parties

Kashmir: The Price of Soft Secessionism

The current political experiment in the Valley has failed badly

JNU: The Last Outpost

A portrait of JNU where revolution still rages in the minds of the street-fighting class

Punjab: On the Boil

A stolen holy book. Erupting streets and offending posters. An inept government and angry farmers. Is Punjab inching toward the brink? Open follows the fault lines of a volatile state

A Day of Protests

A visual account of the anti-government protests against the gang rape of a girl in New Delhi

The American Autumn

The wave of protests in American cities has been variously panned as leaderless, rudderless, purposeless... but perhaps America is rediscovering the messy nature of democracy


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