The Stories They Could Tell

Anat Bernstein-Reich

The choreographed release drama hid what Hamas’ hostages suffered


The pro-Palestine marches through London

Bibi’s Toughest Test

Israeli public opinion is near-unanimous that the prime minister will have to resign when the war ends

In the Guise of Solidarity

I never imagined that the butchers of Hamas would manage to set the tone of discourse in, of all places, London

Farm Unions Muddy Wrestling Match

Presence of some of the unions who blockaded Delhi over the farm bills raised worrying questions

Lessons from an Israeli Upheaval

There are parallels but also big differences with the Indian tussle between executive and judiciary

Hair-Rising in Tehran

Iranians are striving for an ‘ordinary life’, not a ‘heaven’ that is forced from within or without

Mapping Women’s Anger

The importance of righteous rage, from the ancient epics to the revolutions of today

Payback Time for Xi

Hubris meets reality at China’s weakest moment


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