Mapping Women’s Anger

Arshia Sattar

The importance of righteous rage, from the ancient epics to the revolutions of today

Payback Time for Xi

Hubris meets reality at China’s weakest moment

Revenge of the Metaphor

The counter-dreams of a generation have shattered the lies of Xi's state

Critical Fortune

A global crisis is as good a time as any to shed the last bit of our old prejudice against wealth and wealth creators

Derailing Lives and Livelihoods

How NGOs and the Church are getting in the way of development projects in Kerala

The Colombo Spring

When a largely leaderless protest almost broke the back of Sri Lanka’s power elite

Selective Indignation

The norm in today’s polarised world

Sri Lanka: The Island of Loss and Longing

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has united a divided nation against the Rajapaksa regime

The Levant Erupts Again

Another violent turn in the long-standing objective of Hamas to capture Jerusalem


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