Derailing Lives and Livelihoods

Siddharth Singh

How NGOs and the Church are getting in the way of development projects in Kerala

The Colombo Spring

When a largely leaderless protest almost broke the back of Sri Lanka’s power elite

Selective Indignation

The norm in today’s polarised world

Sri Lanka: The Island of Loss and Longing

Sri Lanka’s economic crisis has united a divided nation against the Rajapaksa regime

The Levant Erupts Again

Another violent turn in the long-standing objective of Hamas to capture Jerusalem

The Virus and Democracy

How the East beat the West

‘To Build a Unified Market, Establish a National Online Spot Exchange’

Farmer protests are more against what was not said in the three farm Bills than what was said, notes IGIDR economist Sudha Narayanan

Cancel Culture’s India Problem

When publishing house Bloomsbury withdrew their book Delhi Riots 2020

The Eternity of Exile

Still waiting for deliverance in Kashmir


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