Michelle Obama: Grace Over Guile

Nandini Nair

Michelle Obama’s memoir tells of an ordinary person who found herself on an extraordinary journey


Missing calendars, presidential speeches and Mevani's admirers

Battle for Gujarat: Amit Shah in the Vanguard

The BJP president cannot afford to leave anything to chance in the most prestigious Assembly election

The French Resolution

Europe may avoid a nervous breakdown as a neophyte globalist is likely to win the Elysee Palace in the final round. But how long can France resist the populist?


The tailor of New Delhi, Lalu's Twitter avatar and the next President

Out of Socialist Delhi

The evolutionary story of power

All the President’s Pioneers

Artists, writers, budding scientists, techno geeks and salt-of-the-earth rural innovators—the second edition of Rashtrapati Bhavan’s scholar In-residence programme brought together the brightest of the country’s creative minds

Big Dreams in an Impossible Job

Can Ashraf Ghani save Afghanistan? The new President in conversation with James Astill

Restless Pawar

The ageing Maratha stalwart has everyone guessing which way he will go


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