Being in Goa

Virendra Kapoor

You come across a lot of people from Delhi who have their second or third home here

A Bridge across Rivers

Love and war in Portugal and India in the 16th century

Olá Goa

An allocation of Rs 300 crore to mark the 60th anniversary of the state’s liberation from the Portuguese is evidence of its outsized influence

Goa-ing Beyond

Wander into Goa’s historic and idyllic heart to discover two distinct flavours: heritage and authentic cool

Conquest of India

The European domination over India comes alive in this dramatic narrative

The Death of an Indian-born Language

William Rozario, last speaker of Indo-Portuguese Creole of Cochin, died recently. When I had met him for my research on Creole languages, he was glad to speak his language again, even though I could only pick it up in parts


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