Nepal Earthquake: The Moment

Jason Burke

A report from Ground Zero. Why it is always the poor

The Politics of Poverty

Logically, if one reduces the consumption expenses to define the poor, poverty levels will come down. But how does that help?

Helpless in Chitapur

An Israeli journalist wonders if there is any difference at all between how Israel treats Palestinians and how India treats its poor

Find the Rich, Feed the Poor

According to the Economic Survey, 40-55 per cent of PDS stocks are diverted to the open market

In Mother We Trust

A year after completing school, Magdalene Polton, the daughter of a rich landowner in Bengal, became the second nun to join Mother Teresa in her mission to serve the sick and the poor. Now, at 82, Sister Gertrude, as she came to be called, is the only surviving member of this original group. She recalls the early days when they would beg each day for the poor, but struggle to feed themselves, surviving solely on the strength of prayer.

The Real Trickle-Down Effect

The State’s war against the Naxalites boils down to just this: the poor fighting the poorer.


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