Why BJP Wins the Poor

Dipankar Gupta

It learned from the European experience that status war matters more than class war

Poverty Politics

How the number of the poor is sliding in India

Making India Futureproof

What Budget 2021 offers from the top to the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid

The Politics of Healing

The extension of free food for another five months promises to help not just poor labourers but industry and agriculture as well

A Crisis in Search of a Character

Will the Covid-19 migrant misery bring back the working-class hero?

Among the Abandoned

With the continuation of the lockdown and little relief coming their way, the poor are finding it difficult to feed themselves

Home is Nowhere

Social distancing and staying indoors are not an option for thousands of homeless living in Delhi. Nandini Nair meets them as they try to stave off hunger and disease

Despite the Paradox

Don’t be fooled by the old German. Let’s celebrate wealth

The Poor Will Pave the Way for 2019

What’s cooking in the countryside?

Of Bullet Trains and Bullock Carts

From Coca-Cola to colour TV to computers, technological advances in India have always been resisted as anti-poor


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