Different Norms

Swapan Dasgupta

Politicians can’t impose a lockdown if they violate it themselves

Marx, Didi and Durga

West Bengal’s annual carnival is a magnetic draw for politicians

The Ram Who Raised the Bar

Ram Jethmalani (1923-2019)

The Death of a Gentleman

Anecdotes from a generous life that enjoyed good friends and good food

A Politician of His Times

A consummate politician, he knew what it took to get things done

Navjot Singh Sidhu: The Performer Unmasked

Navjot Singh Sidhu strikes a chord with the masses, but at a political cost

The Aspiring Brahmin

On the strange ambition of a Malayalam movie star turned politician

Confessions of a doctor of politicians

“Treating a politician is good for the CV. One’s patient load also increases. A politician will always recommend you to others”


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