Romancing the Moon

MJ Akbar

When science encounters faith and philosophy

The Gambler’s Choice

Calculating risks through mathematics and some philosophy

Truth as the Beginning

Look beyond seers and sages to locate the origins of Indian thought

The Illusion of Duality

True knowledge is realising the oneness of everything

Sacred Compassion

Any religion devoid of humanism may turn into a weapon of mass destruction

Not Staying Alive

Reflections on death and its puzzling numbers

Spiritual Vs Physical

And the natural balance of mind and body

Tridip Suhrud: ‘Did Gandhi fear a violent death? No. He feared a purposeless death’

In conversation with Tridip Suhrud, India’s foremost Gandhi scholar

Simple Simplicity

The aesthetics of the austere

The First Argumentative Indian

Adi Shankara embodied the spiritual power of ideas


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