Spiritual Vs Physical

Lakshmi Bayi

And the natural balance of mind and body

Tridip Suhrud: ‘Did Gandhi fear a violent death? No. He feared a purposeless death’

In conversation with Tridip Suhrud, India’s foremost Gandhi scholar

Simple Simplicity

The aesthetics of the austere

The First Argumentative Indian

Adi Shankara embodied the spiritual power of ideas

Koumarane Valavane: Playing with the Past

Koumarane Valavane draws his dramatic inspiration from Dravidian cultural history

Eat Your Way to Heaven

The link between feasting and thinking right

The Hindu Way of Writing

Both scholarly and simple in his argument, Shashi Tharoor celebrates Indian syncretism

The Beauty of Indic Thought

A profound quest for eternal bliss that is yet to take its rightful place in the world

Nothing Is for Your Eyes Only

Welcome to the world beyond human sensory organs


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