Wag the Big Dog

Soumava Haldar

When flaunting the ferocious breeds becomes a status symbol

Pet Intimacy

Two anthologies by pet parents pay tribute to beloved dogs and cats

The Secret Lives of Indian Street Dogs

New studies show they grow smarter about humans as they age and some are even monogamous

Pet Project

Animal owners and veterinarians cheer as private hospitals bring the latest in science and skill to India

Dogs Can Read Human Faces

Our best friends know when we are happy or sad. And they prefer us happy

A Taxi for Tommy

A cab service for pets gets going in Bangalore

A Place to Call their Own

Mumbai got its first ever pet park recently

Hot Dog

Genetic research suggests dogs were first tamed on the southern shores of the Yangtze River for their meat

The Inner Dog’s Life

The canine existence today is incomplete without psychologists, cardiologists, hotels and mutton botis


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