personal history

A Passage to India

Carlo Pizzati

Feeling freer than ever on a beach in Tamil Nadu

Prisoner of the Present

Anjum Hasan’s new novel is about a middle-aged history teacher living in Delhi

The Pleasure and Pain of Old Age

It has given me time to write even as my body began to crumble

Whispers from the Walled City

A man reckons with his past in Lahore

Now in Paris, this Ukrainian entrepreneur worries for her family back home

Artist-entrepreneur Svitlana Martynjuk lashes out at the Kremlin and says she feels betrayed by the Americans

The Poet Patriot

The moral and political life of Jagat Narain Lal

Awadh Despatches

The personal and political journey of a Muslim woman through India’s freedom struggle and beyond

Conceal the Way You Dream

The daily hope and despair have never appeared more vivid and more insignificant, the abstractions of politics never felt this gigantic and remote, and never has religion seemed so weak a palliative

Love Remains

A husband’s photo diary of his wife’s private and final moments makes the personal universal


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