Kashmir Regained

MJ Akbar

But the wounds inflicted over the last seven decades by three cliques who used and abused power will not be easily healed

Return to Kashmir

With Amit Shah at Home, a policy shift is inevitable

House Arrest

With the J&K Assembly dissolved, it is perilous to ignore lessons of the past

Sajad Lone: Not Alone

Can Sajad Lone lead a third force in Kashmir?

Enter From Third Exit

With fresh elections on the cards in Jammu and Kashmir, can BJP turn the state’s two main political families irrelevant?

Kashmir: The Cost of a Statement

The architect of the BJP-PDP alliance in Kashmir has been sacked. Will it affect the partnership?

Who Lost Kashmir?

Five inconvenient truths about an over-Islamised Valley

Kashmir: The Price of Soft Secessionism

The current political experiment in the Valley has failed badly

Radicalisation of the Kashmiri Mind

India is the enemy a generation is raging against in the Valley

‘Modi should emulate Vajpayee on Kashmir’

Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, the PDP leader who is set to become the next Chief Minister of J&K, spoke to Open's Managing Editor on a range of issues


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